04-09-18 Tahiti Beach Club

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Hot and sunny. This is the outlook for the next month which means Erroll and I will remain beach bums till he forces himself on that Emirates flight back to Sydney only on account of his new job starting early October.

So for now we as a family enjoy the school morning run and seaside afternoons. In fact we three took the 122 bus service to school for 9am. Kingsley began playing soccer instantly with his pals Κωστής & Παναγής spotted School Principal Miss Σοφία – hugged and kissed her – then did the same with his teacher Miss Maryanna who thankfully today didn’t wear heels, tall woman that she already is.

Its a half-day at school today so parents all happily left their kiddies to enjoy 9am till 1pm – that’s 4 hours child-free! Us Hartleys hit Tahiti Beach Club in Λαγονήσι. We’ve not been alone for months, and actually enjoy an uninterrupted conversation.

At 1pm we’re collecting Kingsley who proudly proclaims to have eaten all his spaghetti by himself. He sat next to Stephie in class and declared himself very happy with new teacher Miss Maryanna as he’s her ‘helper’. And for all these achievements we celebrate. Back down to Tahiti Beach Club till 6:30pm among a gang of pals he makes by the seashore.

Sophia, her bro, Gianni and Kingsley ‘baking’ κουλουράκια and singing about it too…