04-09-17 First Day at Preschool

Monday 4th September 2017

A new academic year has begun! Kingsley today enters Miss Ioánna’s gorgeous colorful little classroom running so gaily, so enthusiastically that I actually lose him in rumble of mums, kids and teachers. It’s orientation day today but in actual fact it’s the day our school priest comes to bless us all as well as the school.

A sweet natured and jolly priest came to bless the preschool which we’ve chosen for Kingsley to learn his second language. Wearing all his vestments and sprinkling the mums & kids and teachers but ESPECIALLY Miss Sophia our school Principal with basil soaked in Holy Water, our first day of the academic year began so happily. We all ate cake and drank tea afterwards. The kids ran amok exploring their outdoors and making instant friends.

Kingsley’s Greek has never been so good as it is right now, here among the tiny students and his loving but firm teachers. Here is how the school year has begun..