21-01-20 Elektra: Dress-ups

Tuesday 21st January 2020

While Keanu is reunited with his bro and daddy, I spend a day with Elektra fully focused and dedicated to her nourishment, comfort and entertainment. I even nap her three times such is my devotion to her. She’s chatty that’s for sure letting us know when hungry with her high pitched ‘mum-mum’ and enthusiasm whenever Dorothea saunters past using her fat belly to huff and puff. And let’s not forget how she parodies her Γιαγιά with ‘lelelelele’.

Elektra the daughter is a spark and won’t be easily put in a corner. Action, performances and events are what she demands. So we play dress ups all arvo, splash with bubble bath in her green clam and bounce on the trampoline till she’s popped. Then we eat carrot cake in the kitchen.