03-05-17 JiaJia Dora Morning School Run

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Mornings are a pleasure now that Kingsley’s routine consists of 12 hours sleep, a hearty Greek breakfast, music dance and some play before heading out to meet Mr. Mixăli on the morning school run.

Surprising all of us Kingsley requests a hearty Greek style breakfast with JiaJia Dora after he’s polished off an apple. Sitting along side one another these two enjoy fresh crusty bread with their feta from Epirus and olives from Kalamata. The kid is zipping along by 8:15am and literally pulls his JiaJia as close as possible to the curb for easy access to the school bus…

By all reports Dorøtheos loves preschool, has made a couple of mates (Kleănthe and Kiriākos), eats his morning tea and hot lunch time meals using spoons and forks (!!) and every morning asks me and his JiaJia when his school bus is coming to fetch him for school.