Kingsley: Washing Machine

Tuesday 2nd December 2014

As is our usual practice, once a week Kingsley ‘helps’ me with the washing and vacuuming, putting his toys away and changing the bed linen. Such household chores are by definition boring so I don’t expect much enthusiasm from my assistant. But who would have known that the washing machine holds endless intrigue for our tiny scamp: even on non-wash days, Kingsley wants to be very near it; press its programme buttons and investigate its swinging door. So it is no surprise that he pees his nappy in the anticipation of events to come when we (I) approach the machine with our soiled clothes ready to do a load.

When the outer drum sloshes clothes about, thick with white suds, Kingsley yells and beats the machine with little fists. But by far the wildest our child goes is when the programmer commands the inner drum rotate at really high speed—around 80 mph. Clothes are flung against the outside edge of the inner drum, pressed hard on the sealed shut door, and the entire devise whirrs and shakes. Our boy holds on tight; its a full body rumble!!

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