16-08-19 Keanu: Banana Mash

Friday 16th August 2019

While Elektra spends the day either sleeping or with Γιαγιά, Keanu gets all the attention: he’s out on the balcony catching rays and at lunch with Jenny So, Christos Romanos and I at Coogee Pavilion. Come afternoon, the little man is clinging onto me koala-styles as we spend the evening at jiu-jitsu with Kingsley and his mate Spencer.

Spencer, Kingsley, Keanu and I walk all the way to Bronte eating ice-creams and mucking about the streets. I of course carry all the bags (and wear the baby) while the older two behave like five year olds off their leash. Keanu fights sleep since its way more fun staying up with the big boys but the champ submits to it the instant we hop on the 353 bound for Arden Street.

Tonight something new: Keanu sleeps on his own! In the big bed beneath the pink sheets next door to Kingsley and I. Once he stirs for a feed, the magic boob doing its thing and before I know it he’s sleeping yet again.

We hear a not peep from Keanu all day happy that he is among the action. I learn from yesterday though: never let this tiny champ go without food. Boob is definitely not enough! So I pack a spoon and fork, wee containers for mashing up a banana plus a squeezy Greek yoghurt. And sure enough while Kingsley does his jiu-jitsu, Keanu gets a feed. A whole banana mash chased by his tasty yoghurt.

Its enough to knock him out.