06-04-20 Twins: Social Distancing

Monday 6th April 2020

A trip on the bus with Erroll into the city on the bus during this pandemic is a surreal experience: hardly any commuters, those on board wearing masks, all of us avoiding touching handles, bars and seats. I alight at the Colombian (closed, along with all other shops along Oxford Street) walk down to Centrelink only to notice blocks away from that office along line of people. Three blocks I walk following the line which ultimately ended at the Centrelink doors, today protected by Security Guards.

In we three go, one doing a poo and me forgetting nappies, I’m screwed but I’m not willing to leave Centrelink and my privileged #1-in-queue status so change Elektra on the floor, of course keeping the requisite 1.5 meters social distance from the other punters.