25-10-17 Chasing Bubbles

Wednesday 25th October 2017

An email I wrote to Erroll who will be here in less than a fortnight…

Darling hi!

Its nearly 10pm. Linus is passed out in sleepyland a little late tonight – at 8pm – as oops! we were at the playground with his mates Pavlīna, Anastāsios, Kleănthe, Ioănnis etc etc till sunset. Kingsley’s made constant mates!! They all hug when they meet up. So we stayed playing til 7:15pm. Games included 1) Baby Shark, 2) Doctor Emergency (various children tending to Kingsley’s scraped knee), 3) Driving to [insert destination: Anavissos / Lavrio / Sounio etc], 4) soccer 5) chasing bubbles.

Linus was ready to come home at this point as evidenced by his willingness to leave the playground without me asking twice, bidding farewell to his friends / asking Kleănthe ‘are you leaving now too?’ and scootering to the gate to wait for me as i collected our three balls, two waterbottles and various tupperwares scattered across the grounds. Wife x