Kingsley: Bubaa puts Kings to Bed

Tuesday 6th January 2014

Well this is certainly newsworthy: Erroll has successfully, and with a minimum of fuss, put Kingsley to bed tonight! For a second night in a row!! Without me having to be present and breastfeeding the boy to sleep!!!

I am a reformed woman; my boobs are my own again. They are not pulled and smacked by our son in his futile attempts to remain awake/go to sleep. They are in fact still in their bra and hidden under my dress, AND I got to eat dinner at the table with my husband…like every other couple does!

Words don’t describe the happiness I feel adequately enough.

Here is how Erroll achieved the unbelievable: bathed Kingsley, dried and dressed him in pyjamas, softly singing to him along the way; read to the boy what is now the Bedtime Story, “…” and fed him a bottle of full fat cows milk…till the boy’s eyelids drooped and a state of


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