10-10-16 Stay at Home Day

Monday 10th October 2016

After the nonstop action of the past seven days, Erroll and I agreed to stay at home all day, watch movies in bed and at most build the child a fire station – fresh and new from the box -a gift from good friends the Panesars to Kingsley for his birthday. Its building took Erroll more hours than we (he) had anticipated and more stress too, especially since he was half asleep on the couch when I thrust the huge box into his hands promising Kingsley that his father would build it for him now.

Lazy days at home are necessary every now and again, if only to catch our breaths and for me to catch up on the laundry (the kid goes through four outfit changes a day). And since its Erroll’s rest day before flying to Brisbane tomorrow, we choose to remain indoors as a family rediscovering Kingsley’s toys, practicing ‘writing’ and mixing food dyes in bottles of water. We also wrapped presents for baby Penny – old Dubai friends’  daughter whom Erroll will be visiting in Brisbane. Carl and Mel relocated to Australia after six years living in Dubai and working with Erroll as cabin crew. Erroll will be seeing this excellent couple after six years apart. Penny will be receiving Kingsley’s favourite book Old MacDonald had a Farm.

As for me, I cooked, fed and washed both boys (!) then enjoyed Alice time looking through photos of the exciting and active week that was…


Relaxing after swim class with Jinny’s girl Nariana at Sky Gardens


First visit to Dubai’s Opera


At the park with Haarleen


Swimming in the Arabian Gulf with Harrison and Graham


Swimming at Rolex Tower with Ruth


Running the suspended rope bridge at The Green Planet


Travels from Paris back to Dubai


Saturday night at Kite Beach with Harrison


On the JLT Park Carousel


Ready to hit the JLT Parklands


Riding the metro