Kingsley: Move Day

Sunday 18th May 2014: Anatomy of Move Day:

Jiajia Dora looking after Kingsley as the packing begins

Jiajia Dora looking after Kingsley as the packing begins

1. A really horrible first evening in our new digs: no room to move about in our new two bedroom apartment. I have miscalculated widths, lengths and heights of furniture, mirrors, beds. Erroll is very cranky with me.

2.  Baby half starves and insists on being attached to my boob. No respite for me. Going to the loo is impossible. 

3. Mum shuffling about in slippers making shapes in the DUST all over the floor.

4. Cursing myself for spending 200 dirham on a cleaner BEFORE we moved in.

 5.  At one point 14 sweaty, hungry, irritated and slightly bored humans in the apartment scratching their heads about where to put boxes and how to put together furniture.

 6.   Deliveries: beds, wardrobe, internet & phone man ferrets about with the cables, fridge, cooker oh and ALL THAT FURNITURE.

 7.. Drilling into walls for hanging art / mirrors make a mess and we all sneeze..

8. No food in the fridge. Eating Lebanese bread and Kalamata olives, yoghurt, mum’s cookies. Basically anything within reach.

 9. Frozen breastmilk still in the other apartment’s freezer (along with frozen peas and mum’s lasagna). Frantic about whether I can provide pump milk for Kingsley and leave for work in a couple of hours…

10.Cannot locate critical breast pump part amid the towers of moving boxes so how I am to make up bottles of milk is causing me endless anxiety.

11. Friend pops over to give me missing pump part she purchased for me (after hearing my trembling voice over the phone) and drove over to hand deliver. Hugs; weepy; great relief. Thank you Susie xx

12.   No towels, nor plates, let alone coffee mugs are locatable in the new place. We are all dirty and thirsty.

13.   Air conditioning CEASES WORKING. Hot arid air blows on us. We all feel very poorly very quickly.

14. Erroll becomes delirious from a day’s heavy physical labour and dehydration. He must at all cost find his uniforms, shoes and clothing for a six day layover in Milan/New York.

15. Feel dreadful for not feeding Erroll. Mum scratches together left overs and places a bowl under his nose.

16. I collapse into bed at 12:30 after washing dusty feet in bath and ripping out dry contact lenses; Erroll up at 4:30AM to fly to NY.

17.   Me? Up at 7 with baby still attached to boob (entire night I was tethered to King’s mouth). Pump a bottle of milk from one boob; Kingsley suckling away on the other. I have nothing to wear to work.

18. Race to the office and daydream of getting back home…to my MESS!

The Ninnie 011

Kingsley and his Jiajia Dora on moving day.







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