22-02-18 Lunch with Haarleen

Thursday 22nd February 2018

A surprise for the end of the week when I must answer Kingsley’s daily question ‘what are we doing today, mummà?’  Today I answered we’re meeting Miss Min and Haarleen for lunch. Kingsley was deeply satisfied and could therefore rest at home during the morning before we headed out to meet our pals.

Knowing how hungry school kids get, we had hot French fries waiting for Haarleen on her arrival. Kingsley shared them with her with great pride. Then I took the eldest two for a soft serve ice cream from McDonalds. The joy!! Had to take them both to wash half of their bodies since the icecream melted within minutes.

The treat for proving such a great lunch companion.and sharing his french fried is of course is a visit to ‘KidsCorner’…