09-10-16 Rolex Tower with Ruth

Sunday 9th October 2016

After a very lazy day watching films in bed with his Ba-Bah, his favourite being Polar Express, Kingsley is fed fried egg, two slices peanut butter toast and a whole banana. The feeding process takes hours with this child: he eats slowly, chewing deliberately and his attention must be diverted (IPad involved) in order to be interested in eating. I don’t care one jot how long it takes truth be told; this is my full time job and I may as well make it a good one!


The child’s standing date this afternoon is little Ruth, his first friend from Hummingbird Nursery, and the location is Rolex Tower Pool, two towers away from ours. Ruth is learning to swim without arm bands, can sort of float and fearlessly dives into the water. Kingsley on the other hand has a strong bond to his arm bands and won’t jump in these days (possibly scared from his swim lessons on Friday when I encouraged him to jump into the water without his floaties – disaster).


Our fun swim hour among the skyscrapers during this mild Autumn evening was pure pleasure: the kiddies got along with no crying or bashings, Ruth’s mum, Fran and I got to natter while the kids swam, and Kingsley informed me when he needed to do a wee. Best of all, the kids shared cookies after their hour in the pool and us adults promised to do it all over again next week.

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