Kingsley: Scooching

Monday 30th June 2014

Today marks a month of Kingsley attending nursery and what leaps and bounds the boy has made. His physical strength is unparalleled and today’s display of gymnastics was no exception. After a long afternoon nap, his nurse placed him on the soft mat and I witnessed his first major scooches forward and back. Little knees moved up and down, he’d place his arms gingerly here then there, and these experiments bore fruit: Kingsley advanced his body toward the treasure, the communal toys.

I of course broke into the baby’s enclosure, got down on the mat along side of him, and madly snapped away, wiping a tear from my eye in order to focus the lens. Its all too much for me, watching Kingsley develop; I just don’t want my baby to grow up. Not so fast, anyway.

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