Kingsley: Harrison

Saturday 13th July 2014

Harrison Tooby came round today for lunch, and just as any well-bred host does to a younger, shyer newcomer, Kingsley took him by the hand, sat him down on the most comfortable of sofas, and gave him the lo-down on the other guests who had just arrived…

Harrisons visit 007

‘Shocking, I know…” replies Harrison

Harrisons visit 011

“Just hold my hand. I’ll show you where the kitchen is. We have plenty of milk on ice,” said Kingsley to his guest

Harrisons visit 015

“Look, I’ve told you time and time again, NO PHOTOS!” Kingsley was incensed with the party paparazzi.

Harrisons visit 013

“Harrison, check HER out. What a set of milkshake makers she has…”

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