28-06-19 Twins: Noontime Naps

Friday 28th June 2019

For the first time in I don’t know how long the twins are napping at the same time…and we’re going out! Keanu is down first. He’s in my bedroom in the red bassinet (what a blessing that has been) tucked in, laying on his side, counting sheep. Meanwhile Miss Elektra gets a mighty hit of boob which puts her under a spell. She goes down easily and quickly in the buggy (another godsend).

And with two asleep simultaneously, γιαγιά gives us a hallpass to go out for lunch. Erroll and I speed off! We’re a normal couple doing normal things like leave the house and eat lunch with friends. We don’t know ourselves!

The morning was fantastic too: bathing Keanu and Elektra never gets boring. I have them under the running tap for 25 minutes each. They play with the water, they sqeal, then grow quiet then they dose off.