02-05-20 Kingsley: Jiu-jitsu Master

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Zoom style jiu-jitsu class is fast becoming a favourite part of Kingsley’s week. Just half an hour each lesson the lads go hard with the warm up then straight into techniques in the front yard on the astro turf. I tape a bit as Keanu drinks his milk, Kingsley spots me recording then tells me to STOP VIDEO TAPING MUM; ITS NOT ALLOWED.

Its been a few days without the Samsung and those games apps he’d become obsessed with. Doesn’t ask for “his” phone any longer nor to play games but he does ask to watch movies which I most definitely let him. Latest movie love is the Greek dubbed ‘Magic Carpet’ feature length animated movie. Watched it at 7am while I tended to the business of waking up to deal with the day ahead.