09-10-18 Epic Cool Kid

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Today you wake before the birds do, before the sun rises and before I’m willing to get out of bed but I don’t blame you; 12 hours passed out plus a dire need to wee gets you up at 6:45. It’s actually not as bad as I think considering I, too, sleep along side you for this long (albeit interrupted 5 times for my own wee-wee, thanks to the bebĕs).

A beautiful clear morning lets us behold our first Greek sunrise together outside on the balcony. More than a few Dubai sunrises we’ve witnessed if I recall back to those jetlag days. But this particular one is heavenly.

We’ve only a week or so left of our epic Greek odyssey; each moment just you and I I’m cherishing. Soon there will be plenty more of us Hartleys about, so I’m getting all the one-on-one affection I can get right now from my epic cool kid.

Here is how the champ dressed himself for school today…