10-05-18 Farewell to Hummingbird, Baby Ruth & Miss Laura

Thursday 10th May 2018

A day of meeting friends and jolly farwells.

First up is Miss Laura and her charming babies, Luca and Mia. Its the second time the Marino Family pay us a visit. The three kids feed each other koulourakia, cake and edamame beans. Mia flirts with Kingsley; Luca plays fuzeball with a passion, yelling ‘GOAL’ like a true Italian; Kingsley cannot contain his super enthusiasm for sharing all his toys with his mates. In true host style, Kingsley gives his guests pressies: Mia receives his pink kitchen (which we hauled all the way from Lavrion), and Luca is given a shirt & denim jacket.

These kids continued the chaotic play for hours till the wheels fall off come 2pm. I must rest Kingsley ’cause our afternoon is packed. So its to to bed through tears though Kingsley passes out with a big smile on his dial. One hour of power between the sheets and he’s ready to part for the afternoon.

At precisely 5pm Kingsley enjoyed another memory-filled experience: an emotional farewell to his original nursery, Hummingbird. We’ve often visited the place in DIFC so he’s familiar with the route, the location and the glass doors. Today he spots his old nurse, and he runs in for the hug.

Fran meets us at Hummingbird and from there, we cruise to meet up with Baby Ruth (who now corrects Kingsley when he calls her this; “I’m NOT BABY RUTH..’). Ditching James, tonight the older two have their first dinner date (chaperoned by us mums). Its Mexican, and a first for us – at Maria Bonita, that iconic Mexican cuisine restaurant in Jumiera I’ve been wanting to experience for a full decade. Tonight Ruth’s mum Fran treated us to its delicious fajitas, enchiladas and burritos (us adults while the kiddies choose the only non-Mexican menus entries, French fries & chicken nuggets). Dessert is a treat as well: Baskin Robbins in the actual Baskin Robbins cafe.

Since Ruth has been obsessing over Australia even telling her teacher that one day she will live there, Fran and I figure she and Kingsley may as well get hitched. [But then again I plot and scheme that he’ll marry all of his current female friends, they are all such beauties.] Home by 8:30 and into the bath he is so sticky from Ice cream.