21-08-16 Oma Care Package

21st August 2016

With one day before Erroll flies to see his mum in Brisbane, I am preparing some photos to get developed for her, as part of our care package, from the desert Hartleys to Oma. In fact we all spoke with her today over the phone. Without a doubt she is excited to be seeing her son finally; its been four years since Erroll got a Brisbane flight and everyone is really thrilled for their reunion. Kingsley and I will stay in Dubai doing our thing, while Mumma and son hug and enjoy their day together this week.

Here are the photos that Oma will receive…

_NKN0461 _NKN0830 _NKN0845 _NKN1616 _NKN3633 _NKN3961 _NKN4088 _NKN4156 _NKN4268

_NKN4565 _NKN4789 _NKN4846 _NKN4872 _NKN4875 _NKN9585 _NKN9633