14-02-19 Valentines Twins

Thursday 14th February 2019

I’m in pyjamas all day. Looking after these two dynamos is a full time job and only comfortwear will so. In fact I rarely leave the bedchamber but today I do for we have Suanne the community nurse pay us a visit.

This is our second home visit – just to check on our collective welfare – and things are progressing in the direction they should: both babies well fed, stinky nappies and plenty of them, a big brother in Kingsley who more and more actively heaps affection on them, plus a loving multi generational living arrangement.

So for this we can celebrate – its valentine’s day anyhow! Kingsley shows his love of Elektra by chucking her dummie straight into her nose (tears! whaling!!). He of course didn’t mean it (or did he?) Then confesses to his dad that its jealousy. He’s jealous of the bebĕs.

But the child is contrite…and a little confused / upset at being reprimanded. He just wants it all back to how it was for a glorious 5 year run. Nevertheless the pull of being a big bro is irresistible and he wants to help.

So in the evening after Jiu-Jitsu and before his shower Linus attempts to feed the bellowing hungry babies, just like Mummă does…