Toilet Lessons

Saturday 20th February 2016

Its not going that well, this toilet training lark. Kingsley loves greatly being left without a nappy, and agrees wholeheartedly to ‘tell Mumáa’ when he wants to make a poo. And nods when I advise him that he is to sit on the toilet when he wants to do that very poo. So I let him roam the apartment nude, playing with his stacking cups and building blocks. I hear his sweet chat from the kitchen as I prepare his morning toast, playing make-believe with his stuffed animals.

And then the call from the wild: ‘Mumáa, MUMÁA!!! Kaka kaka!! GOLO, MEGALO, micro!! Kaka!!!’

Our boy has laid two fresh ones on the tiles leading to the balcony, and he proudly displays them both: a big one and a small one. And he repeats from whence they came, pointing to his bum that he laid them from there. Ha ha ha!! Toilet training fail for sure…but at least now there exists one less nappy sent to landfill…