Kingsley: Crib

Friday 25th July

Kingsley’s crib is exquisite: luxurious cotton sheets, a white-and blue gingham pattern, sturdy timber frame and a dainty yet boyish design makes for one beautiful piece of furniture. But its for show, really. For the boy does not sleep in it. He merely plays in there. He has also of late begun sitting up on his haunches in his crib. The boy balances his upper body by sitting back on his shins ( I know, right!) then using both his hands pulls at his musical mobile without toppling over.

We’ve placed the crib under a window with an eastern aspect, so the very best sunlight of the day streams in and warms up the sheets. Its here that I lay a freshly washed Kingsley on his back with the aim of a) entertaining him for as long as possible with the musical mobile, and b) dressing him promptly before he squeals in protest. And it was between the entertaining and the squealing that the sitting occurred, the clever lamb that he is…

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