26-06-20 Twins: Side by Side

Friday 26th June 2020

For our daily walks my aim is that the babies nap. That’s it. Pass out. Of course we play tourists in our own town while out, and visit parks but it’s always the utilitarianism of getting the babies to rest that’s on my agenda. Usually one nap a day is all they desire and having taught them to nap in the pram from long ago that rod has been firmly attached to my back for months and months.

I think the very last time Keanu napped in a bed was with me, in Kingsley’s room. I remember drawing the curtains shutting out daylight. Literally months ago. Now these two seemingly demand to be taken out, as they fuss in the house, become clingy and inconsolable until of course I do the impossible and get organised enough to plant them in the pram, both bums clean and four bottles full of milk, Tupperware packed with snacks and nappy bag groaning from changes of clothes and nappies.

The babies since walking have graduated into nappy pants pull ups. And now that teeth are cutting through gums including molars they chew through treats fast. Here they eat a loaf of sour dough.