Middle East Events Awards 2013

Of all the places in the world right now, I would hazard a guess that Dubai stands out like a shining diamond as the most sought after destination to host events, big and small, local and international. The Events Industry here really is growing in fits and starts; each venue inundated with offers to partner for this conference, sponsor that symposium, or host that big launch.

Middle East Events Awards 2013

Middle East Events Awards 2013

It stands to reason that the Middle East Events Awards is such a highly coveted ceremony that the myriad events companies and businesses doing business in the region vie for selection to be in the running for this annual distinction.

Events Mgt Nomad 002

Held at Dubai’s Jumeirah Creekside Hotel’s Nomad Restaurant, hundreds from the UAE’s burgeoning and very healthy events industry came out to hear who from their contemporaries were shortlisted to be in the running for one of the Best Events 2013 Awards.

Events Mgt Nomad 009

It was a thrill to see old friends there proudly representing their companies. Four and a half years of living in the UAE, familiar faces pop up everywhere! Above in the photo is old Dubai mate (originally from Oz), Denise, Operations Manager for MEAD.

Events Mgt Nomad 010

As her photographer, I got to stand side by side with my friend and Founder of Bride Club ME, Rhiannon Downie at Dubai’s Middle East Events Awards Shortlist Night when the shortlisted nominees were announced. Here is Rio with wedding planner Clare Ebbs from theperfectmoment.com

Events Mgt Nomad 019

Bride Club ME was entered into “Best Event on a Budget” for its outstanding launch event earlier in the year. Whether Bride Club ME wins this year or next, I will be there snapping away and papping all the beautiful people of Dubai. Happy Events, everyone!

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