06-05-18 Egg Chair

Sunday 6th May 2018

Kingsley: Oma you did it again: you’ve caused me to have a new favourite tshirt. This one! Thank you. During today’s adventures I found a very expensive egg chair and threw myself in it. I actually manipulated my mother into taking photos of me in it solely for the purpose of remaining in this incredibly comfy chair. Of course we can’t buy it, mummà answered my question when I suggested we take it home. The bloody thing costs more than the cost to ship our entire house in a 20 foot container. Love your Number One Grandson.

Oma: O’h Kingsley have you grown some more, red is lovely on you. Oma loves egg chairs too, in rattan, one day you will have one my darling. Xxx

Kingsley: I esteem you dearly for 1) loving egg chairs and 2) feeling the positivity that I one day will have my own egg chair. You and I of course will snuggle in it together and tell stories to one another.