Kingsley: Furry Friends

At five months of age our son has amassed some pretty spectacular friends. They make for a loyal bunch and can be called upon to serve their duty most willingly. All manner of sounds come from their squishy bodies and each one is a riot of colour. Kingsley is in love with them.

This is the age our baby has begun forming an attachment to each of his plush animals. One or two he has outright rejected (these are not featured here, poor things). Key criteria for inclusion in his circle of friends it seems include soft and cuddly. Kingsley expresses his adoration for them by stuffing an ear or a nose or a flipper into his mouth. I, along with his Jiajia Dora and his Nurse Jinky, rely on their good nature often when for example, we must attend to a phone call or rush to the loo or warm up a bottle of the good stuff.

Kings Friends 011

Jingly Elephant

Kings Friends 013

Curious George

Kings Friends 015

Brown Bear

Kings Friends 017


Kings Friends 018

Bat Bunny

Kings Friends 019

Shark Puppet

Kings Friends 020

Rubber Duckie

Kings Friends 029

Plush Turtle

Kings Friends 030

Sleepy Dragon – gifted by Anne Sinclair

Kings Friends 031

Cow Rattle





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