14-02-20 Keanu: My Morning Valentine

Friday 14th February 2020

Our boy has been sleeping in his cot for a month now loving his safe haven and waking only when he’s done a poo (or soaked through from wee, like today).

For Valentines morning Keanu and I spend our hours strolling. Straight from dropping Kingsley into class, the little fella drinks a bottle then passes out while we take in Coogee Beach.

Later at woollies, he wakes and being morning tea I present all sorts of delicious fruit. He rejects an apple, a pear, a banana and a nectarine. Its a firm yes to his favourite vanilla yoghurt pouch Five AM.

Next we play at Doggie Park. A stick his toy.

My valentine heart so sweet patient kind sensitive and with 4 choppers, a great gummer.