04-07-17 4th of July

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Happy 4th of July to our Tennessee Family! Today the Desert Hartleys give thanks and pray for sense and stability in this unhinged world. Currently there is far too much political posturing and threats made between Arab states close to us here in the UAE making us question whether peace is ever a reality. Qatar has a week to make big changes…or else.

At Katathani Phuket in late May just before the monsoon struck

Meanwhile today we celebrate freedom and movement with a trip to the very loud, headache-inducing FunCity. Entrapped within its sunless interior, no windows or natural light/fresh air to give an indication of actual time, we’re sucked into its vortex along with so many other weary mums and wild children. Its a huge plastic casino for kids and they’re all addicted. But bring the kids to these dreadful soft play areas we parents continue to do so. I’ve not put any thought as to why I do. But I may. But not now; not yet anyway.

With Haarleen riding the car

After a very hot 35 minute walk to Oasis Centre from the metro station Kingsley spots the mall with ‘there it is! we’ve arrived!’ and tells me how he’s a) perspiring and b) prefers the shade when we walk. Poor boy perspires alot I’ve noticed. He tells me droplets are falling from his head. We’re in the cool mall before long and he’s amongst the plastic weaponry either launching soft balls into a huge space of darting children or collecting balls into wee baskets. At one point a 8 year old girl takes a shine to Kingsley, takes him by the hand and wants to ‘play with the nice little girl.’ I don’t have the heart/can’t be bothered to correct Kingsley’s gender. They’ll work it out for themselves no doubt.

Now also addicted to Alien Patrol