Kingsley: Friends

Friday 13th June

Visiting friends is not complete without a photo shoot. Today was no exception, for this afternoon the Hartleys joined the Toobys in visiting the Panesars for one of their legendary curries. From 2:30 till 9PM it was curry, beer and banter (for the lads) while us girls enjoyed the collective embrace of breast feeding the two hungry infants King and Harrison. We also poured attention over hostess, Min, and chatted away over how wonderful it is that her fledgling pregnancy is progressing well. Min is due early October.

Kingsley in the arms of loved ones - Dubai

Kingsley in the arms of loved ones – here with host, Amandeep. Dubai

Kingsley I encourage to feel safe and loved in the arms of our close friends. There is none of that whining that goes on with other babies at around the same age – right about now when separation anxiety begins to manifest. Nope; lets nip that in the bud! So its to the strong and loving arms of pals that we deposit our son…

Panesars Toobys 007

New dad Graham with King, aged 6 months and one week.

Of course, the cluckiest of all friends is the one who is herself pregnant, Min…

Panesars Toobys 011

Min herself is pregnant, with due month October 2014.

Erroll is the proud dad, scooping his son up presenting him t0 the Sun like the baby (lion) King that our infant sure is. Erroll is well aware that the greatest influence our son will have is he, the father. I see each day that this burden Erroll carries not with a heaviness, but with an expectant anticipation that all will turn out fair and good.

Panesars Toobys 008

Father and son

Friends encourage these good tidings in us as new, inexperienced parents, for we are not alone in bringing up baby.

King at 6 months and one week of age

Our Lion King cub at 6 months and one week of age




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