21-10-19 Kingsley: Meltdown

Monday 21st October 2019

We have a major meltdown tonight when at the πλατεία Kingsley cannot locate his little mate Nichola. It is late mind you, dark and no tiny Greek kiddies are out. We search in the playground and in the πλατεία till Kingsley loses himself in devastation like its the end of the world. I console and I empathise never once tonight lose my patience or temper (am proud to say). Promises of tomorrow come thick and fast – tomorrow we will play, tomorrow we will come to the park, tomorrow we will find Nichola.

He’d packed a bag destined for Nichola’s hands: filled with toys, balls and crayons; gifts for his mate. We brought it back home together with a tear-streaked face and lots of grapes all of which Kingsley and I shared while watching his favourite show Gormiti-Knights of Nature.

The daylight hours were much happier: School bus at 9am, then a visit to his school Miss Martina telling us his Greek is fantastic, then in the afternoon swimming with daddy, evening a visit to the περίπτερο for yet another frog thus obe thankfully fluorescent.