15-01-18 Counting & Addition

Monday 15th January 2018

Today we attempt the mathematical concept of addition – new to Kingsley – while on the loo. When I am lazy-parenting I stick the iPad on the bathroom sink and turn on YouTube for some Greek cartoons to while Kingsley’s usual 30 minutes toilet stop. Today – and for the past week – its been books Kingsley has been receiving. And he gladly does! Kind of like reading the newspaper, and most definitely taking the habit from me, the routine toilet-sitter, now Kingsley enjoys a ‘read’ and I can very easily leave him in there with current favourites: There was an old lady who lived in a Shoe, and Australian Animals.

However today I thought we can establish a curiosity in him for matters of a new kind: addition. Firstly I allow him free reign of his ‘My Little Numbers Book” – looking at pictures, counting the number of robots, finding 4 fish in the picture, counting the number of blue balloons in the bundle of colourful balloons; that kind of thing.

Next I show him a new shape; the PLUS sign (in Greek, πρόσθεση). He likes it, asks what it does, so I explain. Two numbers added together equal something – like adding fingers, I advise. That EQUAL sign (in Greek, ισούται) means added all up. 

  • 2 plus 2 equals 4   2 συν 2 ισούται με 4 was as far as our lesson got!