02-09-16 Bad Parenting according to JiaJia

Friday 2nd September 2016

Well don’t I get the wooden spoon for parentry for today’s efforts? This afternoon when I was at wits end to fathom yet another activity to entertain Kingsley, and while his JiaJia Dôra was binge watching episodes of her favourite Greek program ‘Páme Pakèto’ I simply plopped the boy into his bath, turned on the tap, squeezed an ordinate amount of no-tears bath foam, and let the little tiger play in there for an hour. Bliss…for all three of us: I got to read crap on this iPad, JiaJia Dôra was finally able to hear her program without Kingsley’s roars, and the child played innocently in the bubbles, his colourful toys and cups keeping him engaged for a good while. Till of course he got bored in there, loudly wondered where I was / began yelling for me / demanded I remove him from the bath. Grrrr.

So like any good Mumma I (reluctantly) closed the Facebook app, shuffled to the bathroom, pulled the plug, drained the water, hosed off his wriggly body of soap…and promise to come back to get him ‘in a minute; watch how the waters runs down the drain! you just play in the bath darling. I am just getting you some milk…’

…and that’s how I left Kingsley – a happy prisoner in his empty bath – for what JiaJia Dôra noted with horror was over an hour, and even worse when poking her head in to see how he was, became shocked that her grandson fell asleep, riling me for such bad parenting ‘…what would have happened if you did not drain the bath, Aliki?? HOW DANGEROUS!! He could have DROWNED!!!‘ No chance Dôra ; I drained the bloody water. And P.S. I am a much better Mumma right now for having had a two hour break from him…plus he’s asleep! Don’t wake the sleeping beast, I whispered loudly at her.

So that’s where I left Kingsley: asleep in the bath till he woke naturally all by himself an hour later, in a great mood, and very clean…the bad parent that I am…


How I found Kingsley…

Bought me another hour of relaxing

Bought me another hour of relaxing