Babymoon 11: Breakfast

For our first breakfast at Constance Ephelia, we took a table right near the sand. It was facing the Indian Ocean with the sun at the side. On the levees that protect the breakfast pavilions from sun, the birds struck up the concert. Sometimes they all stopped together on the orders of some invisible leader, then they took up their serenade of us diners with an ever more beautiful chirp.

Breakfast vista at the Ephelia Constance, Seychelles

Breakfast vista at the Ephelia Constance, Seychelles

A plate of fruit: mango, white and red grapes, pineapple, ladies finger banana, watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon. A tea, nuts and at least 4 pots of natural yoghurt.

The Seahorse shall become accustomed to my dietary habits and may the Seahorse love each morsel…

Seychelles breakfast - stage 1

Seychelles breakfast – stage 1

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