10-01-21 Twins: Beachside

Sunday 10th January 2021

Keanu is literally inconsolable; its about 4 hours past his nap and he’s lost his marbles. Doesn’t know who he wants – μαμά! Μπαμπά!!? DADDY! ΜΑΜΆ!! i then lose my shit then poor Kingsley quietly playing a crap app cops it the worst. I must escape!

So bundling Elektra and Kingsley out the door pram packed for a day at the beach nature I figure will save my sanity and my fractured relationship with Kingsley whom I’ve neglected of late.

And what gloriously sunny shores Coogee delivers! Elektra won’t take off her Frozen nighty even with wet sand under her plump feet causing her to waddle unbalanced. Then a tiny wave! Plop, down she falls on her bum! Oh the tears!

Perfect timing to get her out of nighties and into a bikini bottom. And play in the sand. Friends come sauntering across. What a pleasant surprise! Lachie, Anya and little Sienna, all of whom stop, plonk themselves down with us and begin the hours of play with the Hartley kids.

Getting home after 7:30, Elektra asleep in the buggy her entire front sticky from post swim icecream. I find the greatest joy of all: Keanu finally fell asleep and stayed asleep for 2 hours. And still wearing his daddy’s original button down shirt Erroll wore 41 years ago.