19-09-20 Twins: Centennial Park

Saturday 19th September 2020

While mumma gets 2 hours off (I’m out today at Scott’s new salon launch!) daddy deals with the three monsters. They’re exploring Centennial Park playgrounds, feeding geese and napping. Meanwhile I’m drinking champagne along Oxford Street Zennia and Scott my buddies. Erroll of course forgets to pack the baby bag and no milk or water let alone nappies or food for the starving wet babies so by the time I arrive to meet the family at 2pm all three kids are hungry thirsty and dirty.

Of course I send Erroll home for provisions while we make our way to a play area and nature walk where once clean and fed the three explore. No so much Elektra; she prefers sitting on Erroll’s lap while off leash dogs approach for a sniff. Meanwhile Keanu practices walking on boulders and up here we have a picnic which only serves to attract lots of dogs which we feed greek yoghurt and Lebanese pita.