20-08-19 Keanu: Baby Bjorn

Tuesday 20th August 2019

Little chap is used to being lugged about each day, hanging from me in a papoose, any number of which we’ve been given by friends and neighbours. Today Keanu is strapped in a Baby Bjorn as we schlep about Westfields Bondi Junction while Kingsley takes his jiu-jitsu class.

Each day as we step out of the house with Keanu my wee companion running errands, I dream of taking up exercise again. Each day that turns to night and I climb into my PJs, I know that its not going to happen any time soon; that walking the steep streets of Coogee to pick Kingsley up from school is as much exercise as I can practically fit in to my (our) day. Three kids has thrown me so many curve balls!

So as I pace this mall and quietly wish to move my butt a little more it feels rather ironic that Keanu falls asleep the moment I want to run faster, pussy-cat, and it happens just outside of the Nike shop…