Dubai: Winter ‘17

Christmas 2017

Just before we raced out the door -running late of course – headed to Kate & Graham Tooby’s for Christmas Day, I decided that right now and no other time will do a family photo is in order.

Kingsley was as usual the joker, pulling faces and grabbing my boob. Erroll tried with every fibre of his being to remain calm and come across like we wanted this photo plus refrain from getting cranky with the naughty child. I of course laugh and have a jolly time gritting teeth though I want to use my superpowers to glue the kid in a non moving stance and take the bloody photo before I explode.

But explode I do and the kiddo is in shock begins crying and howling since my force pushes him aside and notwithstanding the holiness of today being Christmas I lose my shit. Poor darling. As for me I should go to confession.

Kingsley forgave me and I kissed him one hundred times. Erroll’s turn to smile as he witnessed yet again the behind-the-scenes farce that is taking a bloody family portrait.

Merry Christmas