Full Time Mumma: Day 13 Late

Monday 16th February 2015

The inevitable has occurred today: I have forgotten the time, and left Kingsley stranded at nursery, well after closing time. And where am I? Of all places, bloody IKEA!!! For shame, Alice, for shame.

To make me feel less of a failed mother, I take heart in convincing myself that we two spent quality hours on end together, glued side by side, eating, bathing, napping, playing and joking about, from wake up till I dropped him off at nursery at 2:30PM. After which I went about my day doing chores and shopping and then I completely lost track of time and space and fell into the vortex that is IKEA. Only goodness knows how long I was wandering about its shiny, windowless, prefabricated aisles.

By the time I came to my senses it was nearing 7PM and my trolley was loaded with picture frames and kitchen curtains (who have I become?). My senses actually returned as I contemplated for a split second a bouquet of artificial flowers. Suddenly I was panicked (where is my infant? Why am I looking at plastic hydrangeas? WHAT TIME IS IT??). The quasi-joyful moments I spent choosing Erroll’s belated Valentine pressie (a miniature, easy to care for, difficult to kill bush in a green terracotta pot) were stripped by this glaringly obvious account of my bad mothering.

Late I was collecting the boy. Very. Rapped on the knuckles I was by the patient nursery manager. Never will it happen again, I promised her. And into my arms did a confused and tired little Kingsley fall into.

Taken at Starbucks Michigan Avenue, Chicago. December 2014.

Taken at Starbucks Michigan Avenue, Chicago. December 2014.

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