17-05-18 Play til Late

Thursday 17th May 2018

Kept the little man late at school this arvo. For no serious reason other than to enjoy time with mummà in glorious Glyfada…

The child was thrilled to stay longer at school to play. Only yhe day before Mr. Vasilli told me at drop-off that Dorötheos was complaining: he didn’t want to hop on the bus; he wanted to stay longer at school. To play more, he said.

So today Kingsley played in Miss Xrisoūla’s class till his little heart could take no more. When I picked him up at around 4pm afew kids were kicking the football around outside. Immediately I hear his sweet excited voice coming from inside; ‘Its mummà!!’ and out he ran to greet me at the front door.

As a treat we swim straight after school. Just at the local beach Yalāzia Aktī (Azure Shores) we walk to, he gets for the first time goat milk (delicious Kingsley declares), of course fertlizes a tree, then to hell with it – drops his daks and swims till we miss our bus so just swim some more.