23-01-20 Twins: One

Thursday 23rd January 2020

Two lamb chops today one year ago were born !! Keanu is now the spirited child who points his little finger to that which interests him be it the (fake) bird in the cage hanging from the door frame or the mobile displaying the four main characters from Poo. But his favourite place to point is at Γιαγιά who of course points her finger at him and then the miracle occurs: their fingers touch. Keanu smiles his genuine warm smile which lights up the room.

Elektra is our party girl taking every opportunity to voice her opinion on any and all matters. She tells us of her joys with her PROJECTED VOICE ‘Aaaaaaay’ or informs us of her woes with ‘Eeeeeeee! ‘.

And vexation as it is when Elektra just wont play on her own, the instant I hear her distress call ‘Eeeeee!’ in I swoop, picking her up in a heartbeat. Then our clever girl smiles her deeply happy smile.