24-02-17 Daddy Daycare

Friday 24th February 2017

While i get the entire day to myself  Kingsley gets the entire day with his Ba-Bāh.  They visit a restaurant in Karama, eat chicken nuggets (not the McDonalds ones I am assured), hit up the soft play area at Wafi. Here Kingsley outright refused to wear his white grip socks while in the play area. Pulling them off defiantly then Erroll’s task to put them back on was a dual Kingsley eventually won. ‘The socks annoy me’ was the argument, and when a toddler hates his socks then its hands down the winning card. Schmuck Ba-Bāh was obliged to purchase new grippy socks since the policy of ‘no socks – no play’ is enforeceable by expulsion!

There was no afternoon nap for the champ so by the time I got in from Min’s baby shower which was 7:30pm, Kingsley was seeing double. He got cheesy pasta washed down by a very sugary Yakult and a Greek yoghurt chaser. Lights out for the poor lamb at 8:30.

Tomorrow we do it all over again at Nessa’s 6th birthday party

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