31-05-20 Kingsley: Desi’s Place

Sunday 31st May 2020

Pre-teens are funny people. Even though Kingsley and Desi have played together numerous times, today at our get together they simply repel! They like one another but can’t relate. They’re funny to watch as Kingsley wants to do craft with Desi, Desi wants to play with the babies.

So Kingsley tries to look interested un his siblings, giving them kisses, plonking them on the picnic blanket, looking at what Desi does and does similar. But the kid wants to play with balls or do craft. He’s patient poor luv.

They find common ground at one point, watching Netflix, Desi giving way to Kingsley’s wishes: you can watch whatever you want, she says. His eyes are as wide as saucers glued to the 65 inch screen. So its Number Blocks and StoryBots, hours of cartoons.

By 5:30pm chaos descends on our party: Keanu is hysterical from fatigue, Elektra hungry and needing sleep, Kingsley mindlessly chomping on crisps still glued to the telly but we all somehow get to the street for our farewells.

Its here at ‘goodbye’ that Desi and Kingsley find conmon ground: Kingsley finds a cat round the side, calls for Desi. Desi hotfoots it to her new buddy, in pursuit of Kingsley they’re finally off to have an adventure.