Kingsley: Dance Magic Dance

Whenever the King gets cranky, irritated and unsettled (and I rule out hunger or a wet nappy as a cause to his misery), I know its time to break out the big guns and belt out a tune or three. Apart from milk, its the only way to calm the savage beast, this singing lark.


Horizontal dancing to my tunes

So why does singing calm babies? And when I say ‘singing’ I am by no means a Maria Callas. Characterized by a greater emotional voice quality, raised pitch level, undulations and faster/slower rates or tempo, the squeals of delight I receive are my equivalent to a standing ovation for the tone deaf drone I give off. An audience of one is all I need.


Hot Shoe Shuffle

Songs like “Dance, magic, dance” and “Circle of life” seem to help optimize Kingsley’s grizzly moods and regulate his arousal levels. Chirping away disco styles calms the boy down.


Why do Birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? just like me, they want to be, close to you…

Now I have been told that I can play recorded music to Kingsley too, but it won’t have nearly the same effect as singing will. You see singing is a super-charged way of connecting to my baby. It has the element of human interaction that little ones crave and need for their cognitive, language, and emotional development. Plus I usually get him off his grumpy bum for a dance-off as I bleat along.

Dance, darling DANCE!

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