27-10-20 Twins: Colours

Saturday 17th October 2020

The babies (well, me pushing the twins in their double pram) get stopped by well-wishers, passers-by and fellow shoppers every single day. Many times a day in fact. No one knows who’s the girl and who’s the boy. And people comment on their clothes or the colours I dress the babies (because yellow or pink or red on Keanu throws them. And ‘ooh the girl is wearing blue, you say?).

But the truth is I often dress them in whatever I can lay my hands on that golden moment one baby toddles up to me, I grab them, wrestle crocodile 🐊 death roll styles to get clothes on them. So whatever is a) clean and b) at arm’s length is what I dress the child I’m clutching that moment.

Here is Elektra twinning with her μπαμπά blue all the way. And yes it threw all the well-wishers. Its a girl!