16-12-19 Kingsley: Kindy Report Card

Monday 16th December 2019

Not so early wake ups thank you so much Linus! We all sleep till 7:30 am and with the pitter patter of your feet Elektra wakes and you jump in our bed, and its playtime. Hungry you eat bacon and eggs, readying yourself for this the final week of your kindy life.

So its fitting that this arvo we receive your kindy report card. You now read, write, count, do maths, problem solve, work independently, work as a team, collaborate, present solo, public speak, read aloud, read quietly, produce art and are learning to control your body. All in all you’re on track and exactly where you should be.

Maths is your favourite subject, library is a special place you thoroughly enjoy visiting, science makes you tune out, reading is a pleasure. Level 11 now! Congratulations darling first born for you’ve graduated kindy.