13-08-20 Twins: Shopping with Γιαγιά

Thursday 13th August 2020

Nothing better than not being outnumbered. Today its one adult to one child. The ratio is ideal for shopping pleasantly, toilet stops and entertaining little people.

We’re off to Eastgardens this morning to shop for γιαγια Dora’s new pants and guess what? Mum is now a very tidy size 16…down from her heftier size 22. She can’t believe it when Maki (Ανδρομάχη) our πολίστρια at ‘Autograph’ insists mum tries on pants in ‘our smallest size, 16’. And sure enough with Keanu as our witness, the slim fit 16 sucks her in, at all the right spots.

Soon enough Elektra is awake and both babies hungry so off we go for what else but greek yoghurt at Coles. Yoghurt and sour dough is their lunch most days. Eggs are breakfast and dinner is chicken based. Strawberries and blackberries, grapes and dates are their fruit whenever they reject bananas. Today its strawberries while we shop.

Returning to Coogee for the school run is an eye opener for mum. Two children (one toddler girl one baby boy) in a double stroller are feeling the heat of an awful temper avd violent streak from their mother who by the looks of things cannot deal kindly with her own kids. I’m moved so much by their plight I literally take my kids – followed closely by mum not understanding what’s going on – and park next to this abusive mum. Here I begin sweetly speaking to her kids and bringing them joy. My two are chipper and share their toys, which end up with these kids. I insist. Which toy would you like? The robot, the cat or the little girl?

We all catch the 353, they get off at the housing commission on Malabar Rd all smiles mouths stuffed with Γιαγιά Dora’s παξιμάδια and two toys now dangling from their pram.