Riding the Metro

4th February 2016

According to some obscure piece of research, today – the 4th of February – is the day we are most likely to break our New Years resolutions. Well I did not need the likes of Pop Psychology Today to give the the news. My own gluttonous nature long ago reserved it’s rights to act in its own interests with zero regard for my figure or ever increasing jean size.

As if being led by the nose by my growling belly, we board the Dubai Metro bound for Carrefour at the Mall of the Emirates. It’s strictly a food shop for Kingsley and I today; our larder is bare.

Once past the supermarket turn styles, there’s a snag to the resolutions: staff in gloves and hair nets appear in all aisles handing out morsels and an invitation to try before you buy. We (I) decide to judge all offerings for their alleged tastiness. Smiling deli hands appear from nowhere: turkey breast, seared scallops, cheese cubes, walnut bread, even sushi are thrust toward us (me) in tiny paper plates.

Resolutions passed up with no fight, for a mere platter of crudités. White flag of surrender is hoist a lousy month into the year. At least Kingsley thinks I am perfect, me the Mumaa who lets him get his jollies with a ride to the shops on the Dubai Metro.

Riding the Metro on precisely the surface which states 'no riding on metro'

Riding the Metro on precisely the surface which states ‘no riding on metro’