07-09-19 Kingsley: Centennial Park

Saturday 7th September 2019

A promise kept! Ducks, swans and geese of Centennial Park today we feed you! How Kingsley jumps and claps when, after Sofia’s 6th birthday party, we farewell Jesse, and turning left, head into Centennial Park for hours of bird watching. With us is a week-old loaf from Bakers Delight and a determination to find the hungriest birds.

And we do! Birds surround us.

Shoes and socks come off; I encourage you to walk barefoot on grass. Recently I’d read to do so is grounding. You gladly kick off your trainers, then lay about euth yiyr face toward the sun. Both kids are asleep. You and I are really enjoying each other. I’ve never been happier thst when you are peaceful in nature.

Here is the low down of your Saturday. I’m exhausted just writing it out.

* Jiu-jitsu first up

* Shopping with daddy for Sofia’s pressie

* Magnificent rainbow creation for mumma made of plaster and painted at Sofia’s birthday party

* Playdate with Jesse at The Entertainment Quarter including Miss Kavita buying you boys a bouncy ball each and a strawberry Calippo

* Duck, Goose and Swan feed including laying in the Rose Garden, and doing a poo in the bushes before two swans waddle up to steal our cheese & bacon loaf

* Walk for hours, feed the babies in their pram, and up to Clovelly Road by foot. You’re determined to stroll the babies all by yourself. I’m not to help you push. You’re in love with your babies you tell the tipsy lady who’s in the bus with us after her day at the Spring Carnival at Randwick Racecourse. She creeps you out a tiny bit with her babble on how handsome you are. Telling you 12 times even to me seemed excessive.