14-11-20 Twins: Claudia’s Party

Saturday 14th November 2020

Mumma is heading out for a day party, Claudia’s 49th, at Bondi Beach. Its been so long to go out! Dressing up the little people is still one of my favourite pass times so Elektra and I twin it with our colourful frocks while Keanu is dapper in his shirt.

During the morning both babies pass out while we walk and shop. Thank God! For without naps I could not have left Keanu with Γιαγιά, and Elektra would’ve simply screamed all day. So nap they do and a quality long time in their pram parked under the shade while Kingsley and Jesse play for a couple of hours at home.

Current obsessions as follows: Elektra chews her way through walnuts and Queen Green olives. Keanu can’t get enough of fava bean puree and thick white bean soup with carrots and celery.

Night 4 of new sleeping arrangements: Erroll with Keanu, me with the other two reading with Kingsley while Elektra drinks her milk to sleep.